Friday, May 24, 2013

From Chandeliers To Musketeers

Just a few weeks ago, we began laying down tracks for the small jazz ensemble The Chandeliers.  The Chandeliers in the picture are: Brandon Campbell (saxophone), Paul Foster (bass), Erik Schroeder (drums), and Scott Borchert (piano).  Elizabeth Dowling's vocals were just recently recorded, and we're scheduling mixdowns and mastering right now.  But as a little sample treat, here's some music from them: a simple lift from the ORTF stereo room mics.  No "mixdown", no real tweaks, just real musicians in a real room, vibrating the air molecules.

And later that same day, we went out and recorded Erick Deshaun Dorris' vocal tracks for his upcoming EP (backing tracks for his project were already in the can - you see, EDD?  We toldja we were excited to get to work with you!).  Those (amazing) songs are nearing completion.  The musicians in this clip are: EDD (vocal, piano), Andra Kulans (violin), Greg Hirte (violin), Julia Berian (viola), Kelsee Vandervall (cello), and producer/arranger Mike Przygoda, who plays vibes and various other instruments.
We've also started and finished recording string duets for Lifeline Theatre's production of "The Three Musketeers".  A certain Mr Mike Przygoda wrote the music (performed and recorded a majority of it, also!).  Musicians: Justin Amolsch: Horn  Greg Hirte: Violin  Kelsee Vandervall: Cello.  More info about the show HERE.


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