Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some New Band Work

First up is a demo done for HIGGS THEORY - a prog-based jam band in the Chicago area. Besides this track, "Seasonal Interest", there are several more songs HERE. Please check them out (and maybe even HIRE THEM for your festival!)...they're loud and talented and not so famous yet that you can't afford them!

AND - currently working on filling out basic tracks on Renee Serritella's solo album: the basic band elements are down, now concentrating on string sections, horns and vocals. Watch this space for more info!

PLUS - actually finally starting work on the new Gus Stagg album...after whittling down some 30 demos to about 15 tunes (no easy task, as it turns out...they're ALL great songs!). Listen for updates.

ALSO - Theatre Of The Mindless comedy! Their parody of radio's premiere western drama Gunsmoke, titled "Gunschmuck" was given a rave review HERE. Audio drama and comedy just don't seem to get their just due these days...TOTM is hoping to change that!

TOO - don't be fooled by the lack of speedy updates here, it only means that we're too busy doing all these audio things to spend much time blogging about it!  Thanks for understanding.

IN ADDITION - be sure to check out Mike Przygoda's podcast, "Too Much Perspective": in-depth conversations with some of Chicago's best musicians!

Friday, May 24, 2013

From Chandeliers To Musketeers

Just a few weeks ago, we began laying down tracks for the small jazz ensemble The Chandeliers.  The Chandeliers in the picture are: Brandon Campbell (saxophone), Paul Foster (bass), Erik Schroeder (drums), and Scott Borchert (piano).  Elizabeth Dowling's vocals were just recently recorded, and we're scheduling mixdowns and mastering right now.  But as a little sample treat, here's some music from them: a simple lift from the ORTF stereo room mics.  No "mixdown", no real tweaks, just real musicians in a real room, vibrating the air molecules.

And later that same day, we went out and recorded Erick Deshaun Dorris' vocal tracks for his upcoming EP (backing tracks for his project were already in the can - you see, EDD?  We toldja we were excited to get to work with you!).  Those (amazing) songs are nearing completion.  The musicians in this clip are: EDD (vocal, piano), Andra Kulans (violin), Greg Hirte (violin), Julia Berian (viola), Kelsee Vandervall (cello), and producer/arranger Mike Przygoda, who plays vibes and various other instruments.
We've also started and finished recording string duets for Lifeline Theatre's production of "The Three Musketeers".  A certain Mr Mike Przygoda wrote the music (performed and recorded a majority of it, also!).  Musicians: Justin Amolsch: Horn  Greg Hirte: Violin  Kelsee Vandervall: Cello.  More info about the show HERE.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

HEAR's What We've Been Working On!

Plenty of stuff going on here, y'all just don't get to HEAR it until it's finished:

Mike Matrasko (late of Mike P's & The Cool Breeze) has been recording a full album with us, but his fans are too impatient for we've helped him polish up his own acoustic demo tracks into a soon-to-be-released EP!

Gus Stagg has been laying down some demos for an upcoming full production Speed-Fi album - brace yourself for some cello, and banjo, and Theremin, and tuba...even GUS doesn't know what might end up on the album (of course, he gets final say)!

And from Rego fame, Rebecca Rego has begun her newest album project with us.   There's also a batch of related nearly-finished tracks "in the can"'s hoping we all get to listen to them sometime soon (they'd make a nice lean-and-mean album, or an extremely beefy EP)!

Theatre Of The Mindless (brand-new Old Time Radio with an EDGE...think Firesign Theatre) has recorded two of their five Gunsmoke parodies ("Gunschmuck", anyone?) with us.  Currently in post-production!

And Erick Deshaun Dorris, who played Morris Day in Mike Przygoda's "Purple Rain LIVE" is chomping at the bit to begin recording with us - we're ALMOST ready for you, we're excited too!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Gift Ideas!


Be sure while you're doing your holiday shopping to include these albums from Speed-Fi artists!

 "The Great Circle Track" by Immediate Family:

"Clean & Broken" by Nick Gutierrez:

"To:  Aging Children" by Diana Lawrence:

"You'll Have What We're Having" by The Projects:

"All My Heroes Are Gone" by Mike Przygoda:

"New Songs For Old Souls" by Gus Stagg:

Also try a DIY cd Gift Box - print it out fullsize, fold it up, and give some musical  holiday cheer!  GOOD - FAST - CHEAP...three great American holiday staples!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mike Biederman - Immediate Family - LIVE!

Those of you who were at the first Speed-Fi release show and signed up on our mailing list have already got FREE live tracks from the artists you requested.  For those who may have missed the
show (or might like to revisit it!), musician Mike Biederman (of "Immediate Family") is offering his entire live set HERE.  And of course, check out his EP "The Great Circle Track", which made it's debut at the Speed-Fi show:
And as a note, the excellent photograph up top of Mike performing was taken by the talented Joe Mazza of Brave Lux Inc.  Mr Mazza took photos of the entire show - Thanks so much, Joe!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Projects - A Bit Of Video From The Show

Here's some handheld video goodness of The Projects at the Speed-Fi cd release party - performing "Vodka & Cookies".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012